10th Global

Coaching, Mentoring, & Supervision Research Conference

2 July 2021

10th Global

Coaching, Mentoring, & Supervision Research Conference

2 July 2021

Facing the future through productive partnerships between researchers and practitioners

The 10th EMCC Global Research Conference

2 July 2021     11.00-16.15 UT     Virtual Event

This year’s research conference has been designed as a taster session to a completely new and innovative design for the 2022 conference. The overall aim of the 2021 conference is to explore how research collaboration adds value to practice. Practitioners and researchers will have a unique opportunity to

  • Experience co-development of research centred on Diversity and Inclusion
  • Better understand the benefits of evidence-based research to inform our futures
  • Explore how the conference theme linking the workshops is the imperative of future inclusive co-production of research.

Implicit in the overarching conference theme is the urgency inclusive co-production of research for the global future of coaching, mentoring, and supervision.

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The conference will feature two 90 minute workshops and one 45 minute networking session that take different perspectives on inclusive research ranging from the individual practitioner or researcher, to a global multi-cultural perspective.  The two parallel workshops look at different dimensions of inclusion and co-production of research with impact. In the conference close we will bring these perspectives together for a broader inclusive discussion.

How the two workshops relate:

Workshop 1 – Building bridges: an experiential approach to creating inclusive common spaces for practitioners and researchers to co-develop research

  • Focus on inclusion between practitioners and researchers
  • Becoming inclusive researchers and a model for researcher–practitioner inclusive collaboration.

Workshop 2 – It is what comes naturally: from personal reflection to critical analysis of research

  • Focus on broadening research from individual practice to global research and back again
  • Understanding the challenges of doing and integrating research, of communicating and understanding research.

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