10th Global

Coaching, Mentoring, & Supervision Research Conference

2 July 2021

10th Global

Coaching, Mentoring, & Supervision Research Conference

2 July 2021


Building bridges: an experiential approach to creating inclusive common spaces for practitioners and researchers to co-develop research

Building bridges: an experiential approach to creating inclusive common spaces for practitioners and researchers to co-develop research with Alison Mitchell, Jafar Akhavan-Moosavi, Marco Matera, & Lucia Giulia Nuzzi

Session on 2 July 2021 11:30 UTC - View on timetable


Approaching research from different perspectives and experiences partners need to work together to find common ground. Conscious inclusion in practitioner – research partnerships energises productive collaboration in research.

In this workshop we will explore how we can concretely come together to catalyse inclusive collaboration in research, valuing each other as individuals and co-creating novel research through an open system where we can acknowledge each other in a common space, a ‘belonging area’.  We will share a useful model for researcher/practitioner inclusive collaboration. The model could be applied in any kind of relation and interaction (e.g. teams, groups, companies, peer communities). The model refers to the EMCC Global EMPOWER model from the declaration for diversity and inclusion  Participants will have the experience of developing an inclusive common space as partners in research.  Moreover you will get several questions to use based on the EMPOWER.

The workshop could be the starting point for common research projects involving both researchers and practitioners on inclusion.


Alison Mitchell is Consultant, Executive Coach, and Director of Inclusive Development at University of Lincoln (UK) with international expertise in research capacity building through inclusive leadership development and realising the potential of researchers for research, economic, and social impact. Alison has worked at senior level with a wide spectrum of education, business and government agencies, with an enduring commitment to enhancing opportunities for all through education, research, science and innovation.  Alison is the Head of Research for EMCC Global.

Jafar Akhavan-Moosavi is an experienced coach, mentor, supervisor, facilitator, consultant and key note speaker practicing extensively in the united Kingdom and internationally. Following an enriching and highly successful senior executive leadership career in a number of diverse public, government, civil society, non government organisations and think tanks, Jafar established his independent practice over 20 years ago. He is committed to the promotion, celebration and integration of Good Coaching, Mentoring and Leadership which focuses on our unique and expansive human potential through being inclusive, values based, ethical, compassionate, collaborative, creative and action based. Jafar’s passion is to actively contribute to the development and co-creration of socially, economically, personally, environmentally and professionally responsible global space that engages with our universal challenges for the benefit of all…

Jafar has always dedicated some of his energy and time to engage with pro bono activities. He has been working as a volunteer with EMCC for many years. He has been leading EMCC Global’s Diversity and Inclusion efforts that developed the ground breaking EMCC Diversity and Inclusion Declaration. He was a founding member of EMCC UK education forum. He initiated, promoted, designed, developed, led and delivered the highly acclaimed annual EMCC UK Conferences dedicated to coaching, mentoring and supervision in universities and the wider Higher Education sector. Jafar has initiated, developed and participated in a number of global coaching, mentoring and supervision support networks.

Jafar remains committed to being an advocate for London’s homeless rough sleepers. Jafar continues to support, through coaching and mentoring, young adults as they map out and decide on their next steps following their school education…

Marco Matera is a graduate in Industrial chemistry.  He is a board-level consultant  and trainer expert in Solution Focus Approach and systemic coaching. He leads individual and group coaching sessions, management development programs, trainers’ training and he also works as coach supervisor.  He is a member of SFIO (Solution Focus in Organization and founder of the SFIO Italian chapter.  Marco is a member of the EMCC focal point on supervision and local ambassador. Marco holds EMCC EIA accreditation as a Senior practitioner.

Lucia Giulia Nuzzi is an experienced business coach and EMCC senior practitioner.  Her wide-ranging experiences across sectors and multicultural contexts, positively positioned her to provide tailor-made, adaptive coaching to high complex systems. She had an enriching career in people-focused and shared leadership in educational and general management and in international relations.  As a biologist, she is deeply aware of the interdependence of phenomena and spontaneously looks upon the person as a part of a larger organism, where the individuals cooperate for the common development and growth, as it happens in a living system.

Lucia Giulia offers a systemic approach to executives and teams to support the health and well-being of the whole system. The person gains a deep understanding of her connections and responsibilities, on a path of awareness and unfolding.  Lucia Giulia has been practicing mindfulness and mind-training for more than twenty years, developing a strong self-awareness and the believing in everyone’s resourcefulness and wholeness. She is a certified raja yoga teacher. Additionally, she dedicates herself to intercultural dialogue: studies, retreats and travelling to meet different traditions.  Within EMCC Italy, she is member of the Scientific Committee and responsible of the Focal Point on Diversity & Inclusion.